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Time spent on devices can be productive. Boost your child’s retention and learning with a Virtua powered digital curriculum.

With access to over 2,000 micro-lessons in English, Math and Science across a variety of formats, such as slideshows, videos, graphs and text, let Virtua School do all the work for you so you can focus on what’s more important!

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  • Every child encounters roadblocks on their learning journey. Virtua School uses cognitive science and learning research to create a recommendation engine that helps students identify and overcome these learning roadblocks
  • Through initial diagnostic assessments, the platform identifies the student’s knowledge gaps and pushes relevant micro-lessons (or nuggets as we call them) into the student’s learning pathway


  • Virtua’s AI technology is built on a rich data store providing an equivalent of a made-to-measure, fully adaptive and personalized learning system to curate a student’s lessons
  • The result is a simple-to-use, truly 1:1 personalized learning plan that supports students who are struggling while challenging those who are ready for more, all at the same time


  • The intelligent system constantly re-assesses students and personalizes learning pathways not just in terms of content that needs to be studied but when content needs to be revisited
  • Virtua boosts retention rates by creating a constant balance where students are being stretched and challenged, but always at their ability level


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Virtua School’s adaptive learning platform in reading, science and math yields a 30% improved student performance rate.


Virtua School has an extensive library of applicable courses that cover English, Math and Science from Elementary to High School.


Our mission is to give your child a world-class education that supports scientific inquiry, evidence-based reasoning and the sense of wonder that propels all learning.


Our AI based curriculum provides a solid foundation to develop deep conceptual understanding and procedural fluency in mathematics. Virtua’s math intervention programs are unique to each student and are based on engaging materials that reinforce math concepts and help improve grades.


Through a wealth of reliable teaching tools, hands-on lessons and reading intervention strategies, Virtua School courses help kids learn at home and improve your child’s English reading and comprehension.

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