Build a lifelong love of learning. Kids of all ages love the colorful photography and compelling storytelling offered by Magazines in Virtua Library Give your child a rich experience to supplement traditional K-12 resources. Digital magazines tap student curiosity and help them develop research and learning skills as well as build background knowledge. Magazines include: […]

Access over 25,000 Digital books (eBooks) for K-12 that brings the resources of a library into your home. Captivating Covers & Notable titles- Virtua’s library of eBooks delivers engaging, educational and differentiated content experiences Interactive & Fun: Kids can access titles that offer after school help as well as create an efficient and effective learning […]

Virtua Library offers high quality audio books that allow students to build a strong foundation for independent learning. With Virtua, students get access to over 3,000 audio books that engage and entertain students as they listen to novels, mystery books, funny stories, non-fiction and more.

Children begin interacting with digital content at a very young age. We provide a world-class library of the best digital learning tools and K-12 videos on the internet today. Students develop learning skills across a variety of topics from top educators around the world. All videos are age-appropriate.

Everyone is invited Let your child share their reading and thoughts with others around the country reading the same book Virtua Book Clubs offer: Narrative style, ‘’human story’’ approach to book readings. Boost each participant’s communication, curiosity, confidence and culture Learners to collaboratively identify, critique and discuss the big ideas and major points in the [&h

Time spent on devices can be productive. Boost your child’s retention and learning with a Virtua powered digital curriculum. With access to over 2,000 micro-lessons in English, Math and Science across a variety of formats, such as slideshows, videos, graphs and text, let Virtua School do all the work for you so you can focus […]

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