Virtua contains a premium collection of  curricula designed to provide cutting edge education. Virtua includes several products, including our central resource, Virtua School. Virtua School is powered by CENTURY, a tried and tested intelligent tool that combines learning science and artificial intelligence to supercharge child’s education!

Virtua School will create a constantly adapting personalized pathway for your child, including real-time data to make the best educational choices for them.

Virtua School can be used from any tablet or desktop computer which is currently supported by the following browsers:


  • Chrome 66 and above
  • Edge 16 and above
  • Safari 12.1 and above
  • Firefox 67 and above


  • iPad: iOS 11 and above, Safari only
  • Android: Chrome 66 and above

Virtua School is not currently supported on mobile phones. CLICK HERE to check the version of your browser.

Through initial diagnostic assessments, the platform will identify your student’s knowledge gaps and misconceptions and push relevant micro-lessons (or nuggets as we call them) into the student’s learning pathway. The pathway is adaptive and will learn how the student learns. With Virtua School, your child can study independently or to complete assignments.

Virtua School has an extensive library of applicable courses that cover English, Math and Science from Elementary to High School. Courses are recommended as being age and grade appropriate, but learning material is not aligned to Common Core or other external standards.

We cannot guarantee that Virtua School would be a good fit for every student. However, Virtua School is suitable for a variety of users and is appropriate for some students with learning disabilities. It just depends on the user.

We recommend that you register for the 30-day subscription for $1 and select the appropriate grade level for the student. As the parent, you will be able to view the recommended pathway and the type of content available in order to make the best judgement on whether or not Virtual School will meet your student’s individual needs. To see more information on how to align Virtua and Virtua School with the learning needs of your child, visit our blog.

A nugget is a mini-lesson and a series of questions. The data and results from these nuggets are also used to personalize the student’s recommended path. There are two types of nuggets:

  1. A diagnostic that contains no learning material and assesses strengths and weaknesses through a series of questions. The data from these diagnostics are used to kick start personalized recommendations through the CENTURY system.
  2. A normal nugget is a mini-lesson on a topic within a subject. These mini-lessons contain learning material in the form of revision cards or a video. After reviewing the learning material the student will be asked a number of assessment questions to evaluate their understanding of the topic. At the completion of a nugget, students will see their score out of 100% and their completion score. Students will be able to retry the nugget to improve their score or proceed to the next nugget which has been recommended based on whether or not the student has mastered the topic. Nuggets should take roughly 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

If you would like to add a student to Virtua School you will need to place a new order on our registration page.

Virtua Library is an online library with over 25,000 titles. Subscribers to Virtua can access any of these titles, with unlimited copies available. Our main page has a series of carousels that display curated titles from our library covering a variety of topics and interests. Virtua Library has a variety of tools to make reading fun and accessible for all reading levels.

Like a brick and mortar library, Virtua Library offers several options for users to enrich themselves:

  • eBooks: Virtua Library has over 20,000 eBooks that can be borrowed and explored as many times as Virtua subscribers want. There is something in the library for any type of reader. Titles range from “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” to “Jane Eyre.”
  • Magazines: Virtua Magazines is our online newsstand. Here users can access the latest issues of National Geographic, Cosmos, BBC Wildlife, and other popular publications. Magazines is a great way to ensure that your learner is current on the latest in the news, science, and nature.
  • Audio Books: Virtua Library also has 3,800 audio books, giving readers an entirely new way to interact with the text. Readers can listen to a book while in the car or doing chores around the house.
  • Languages: With Virtua Languages, learners have a chance to get an early start on learning French, Spanish, or Chinese. Languages use videos from Muzzy, which for decades has been a trusted educational resource. Also included are dozens of works in these languages at a variety of reading levels, allowing learners to practice both their reading and foreign language skills.
  • Videos: Instructional videos provide yet another way for learners to gain new skills. Our videos cover math skills, science experiments, strategies for communal involvement, and other essential skills.

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.

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