About Us

Closing the achievement gap in education through intelligent, adaptive learning technology

Our mission

At Virtua, we aim to redefine students’ efficiency in learning processes with noticeable speed. Our efforts are aligned towards building a strong foundation for independent, engaged learners who are empowered to achieve socially, emotionally and academically.

Who we are

Virtua is an initiative by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, a longstanding established provider of digital learning tools to over 260,000 registered members of homeschooling families, the largest such community in the world since 2006. Under a new brand, Virtua expands the Co-op’s target market to non-homeschool families and leverages over a decade of experience supporting distance learners.

The Virtua School platform is powered by Century.tech, an AI technology company that helps kids learn independently..

Our products

Virtua provides thousands of digital learning tools for K-12 students. 

Currently Virtua consists of two signature products: Virtua School and Virtua Library

Virtua School helps students identify and overcome learning roadblocks. By combining artificial intelligence (AI) with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience, Virtua School uses learning intervention strategies to continuously adapt to each student’s personalized learning pathway. 

Virtua Library is an online reading library with over 25,000 e-books, audio books, magazines, videos and more.

Virtua Book Clubs is a virtual reading platform that offers students active reading strategies through discussion with a moderator and other children reading the same book.  To learn more about our products, click here
 Virtua materials may be accessed by subscribers for $1 per month in the first month and then $29.99 per month.  To learn more about our pricing, click here.

How Virtua works

Learning at Virtua leverages the strengths of both traditional learning strategies as well as AI powered interactive technology to help kids learn and improve grades.

  • In Virtua School, a student first takes a diagnostic test to assess their knowledge of key concepts
  • If they correctly answer the first question, the system will assume that they know enough about related topics and skip ahead to the next concept
  • With a few questions, it builds a curriculum that focuses on personal growth and learning, tailored to the strengths and preferences of the student
  • The system will keep track of their progress and continue to modify the curriculum through research based intervention strategies across math, science, reading and comprehension
  • In addition, using Virtua Library students may check out eBooks, magazines and videos to learn about topics of their choice

Advancing innovation in education

Current lockdown periods are changing parents’ and students’ mindsets towards self-directed digital learning. Not only are kids tackling new academic challenges, they’re also adapting to a radically different learning environment. Statistics suggest that students using AI-based digital learning tools achieve better learning results, with shorter time in completing courses, and higher pass rate and examination scores, compared with those exclusively learning within a traditional educational model.

Virtua’s digital learning platform identifies the specific cognitive skills that might be preventing students from achieving content progression milestones. Virtua aims to democratize this 21st century learning center to personalize instruction and transform student’s lives.

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